3 Man
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Type: 3 Man Game
# of Players: 3 to Unlimited
Items Needed: 2 dice
Plenty to drink
Every one playing sits around a table.

Last person to sit at the table or new player that wants to play is automatic 3 MAN.

Play starts to the left of the 3 MAN.
If the Player rolls :
7 the person to the left of the roller drinks
11....... the person to the right drinks
9........ social everybody drinks
DOUBLES.. the roller has the option to pass both dice to any one player or give 1 die to one player and the other die to another player. Now the player(s) that receives the die or dice rolls and what ever number comes up they have to drink.(example 1: you get both dice passed to you and you roll a 4 & 2 you take 6 drinks. Example 2: you get one die and another player gets the other. You roll 3 they roll 5 you take 3 drinks they take 5.) In the event that the player(s)given the dice rolls doubles; they give the dice back to the person from which they came. Now that person drinks double what they roll (example: you roll 4&4 and give both dice to another player. They roll 5&5 and give the dice back to you. You roll 2&5 (2+5=7 drinks now double 7 you drink 14.)

The 3 MAN drinks any time a 3 comes up on the dice, including a roll of 1 & 2. The 3 Man must roll a 3 in order to chose someone else to become the new 3 Man.

The player continues to roll the dice until they roll a # that causes no one to drink. Then the dice are passed to the left.

This game is very fun and the 3Man WILL GET DRUNK

Helpful Hint:
Write down so your friends can see the rules otherwise they will forget.
7.........to the left
11........to the right
9.........everybody drinks

Submitted By:
Brandon -- La Mesa, CA
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