Captain Dickhead
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Type: Captain Dickhead Game
# of Players: 1 to Unlimited
Items Needed: 1 Deck of cards, depending on how many players there are, you decide.

Empty bottle

Everyone get your beer!
You place the Empty bottle of beer in the middle of the table. You take the cards and make a circle around the bottle (Face Down). The designated person goes first, (doesnt matter who goes first) He/She picks one of the cards up, And depending on what He/She Gets He/She will have to drink. After you draw your card, you must lay the card on top of the empty bottle. Go around the table doing the same things until someone knocks the cards off the top of the bottle. When sombody knocks the cards off, they must kill their beer, and the game starts over.

Here are what the cards represent.

Black-1-9 Give away that # of drinks
Red-1-9 Take that # of drinks
10- Thumbmaster
Jack- Waterfall
Queen- Questionaire
King- Make a rule
Ace- Captain Dickhead

Thumbmaster: When you are the thumbmaster, you can put your thumb down on the table at any time during the game. The last person to put their thumb down must take a drink.

Waterfall: The person that drew the jack, starts drinking everybody else starts drinking as well. You cannot stop until the person to your left stops.

Questionaire: If the questionaire asks you a question and you answer it, You must take a drink.

Making a Rule: Make anything you want, Its fun to make them really hard, My fav one is you cant call anyone by their name...

Captain Dickhead: Captain Dickhead is the owner/leader of the table. Whatever he says goes with one exception. Captain Dickhead CAN NOT break a game rule. But he can make anyone do whatever he wants. Carefull though, what comes around goes around, and it will come back around to ya.

Alright, Now you know what all the cards represent. When somone draws a card that you already are, like if you are the thumbmaster, and someone else draws a 10, you are no longer the thumbmaster.

ENJOY, I know I do...

This game sounds a lot like Presidents and A$$holes, but its not the same. This is the game my friends and I play most, give it a shot, its fun.

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Jacob -- hooty, MS
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