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Type: Sevens Game
# of Players: 1
Items Needed: beer typically
sit in circle, everyone has drink with them. count off by ones going up.

Here's the key to the game. you keep counting BUT no one can say numbers with a 7 in it (7,17,27 etc...) or any number that is a multiple of 7 (7,14,21,etc.) if someone says a number wrong or one of those mentioned above, they drink and restart game. When it comes to you and the appropriate number to say would be one of those "bad" numbers, what you do is skip it and say the next good number. Then play continues to the person who was before you (so the direction of the circle reverses).

Kinda complicated for the first minute or so, but once people figure it out its pretty good.

the faster the game is played the better.

-I'm in college and it makes me feel smart when i get the simple addition/multiplication right- Score one for public schooling.

Submitted By:
Ryan -- Lexington, KY
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